Stuck On The Shelf

What if everything you ever dreamed of came true? That unspoken desire that stays hidden away because your afraid if you say it to someone or say it out loud people would laugh at you.  What emotions do you think would be prevalent at that time? Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine yourself there,  at the finish line and that unspoken desire has happened.  Are you elated? Do you feel at peace, content, satisfied, unspeakable joy?  Now I am going to ask you to take those same feelings and bottle it up place the cap over it and put it on a shelf and leave it there labled “WHAT IF” . Now I am going to tell you that the bottle can never be touched or even opened it must stay there forever! What emotions would you feel? Anger, fraustrations, disappointed, fear of never ever being able to satisfy that unspoken desire.

Which imagination feels better? Obviously to most it would be the first one. But yet most folks have there “WHAT IF” bottle on the shelf and are allowing fear and the opinions of others from getting to the unspoken desire. Many die always wondering “WHAT IF”.

What If, I could of been a singer, what if I could have been a writer, what if I could have been a wife and a mom, what if I could have been a millionaire or owned my own business, what if I could have owned my own home, “WHAT IF”…..

I was for a brief moment a WHAT IF person until I found out about the power of our thoughts and words. With the right words and right thoughts I was able to BREAK all my WHAT IF’s BOTTLES and FEE THOSE amazing BOTTLED UP EMOTIONS IN THE FLESH! I went against the grain! I ignored all who thought they new better and became what and who GOD SAID I WAS! I got my unspoken desire plus more while fighting my biggest adversary “myself” and I WON!

If you want to know how, stay tuned to my next post! I know I will see you there and one day at the finish line.

Magdalina Sylvain

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