Are You Nagging Your Husband Into The Arms of Another Step 1

My goal is to show you five steps that you can follow in order to create a desirable home a “sanctuary” for your spouse. A place where he/she looks forward to coming home to help with the kids and even help clean up with a smile.  A place where there is peace even after a fight.

In order for these steps to work you have to put aside all pride, anger, frustration and most important you have to be coachable.  You have to be open for change.  It is not going to be easy because you have to be willing to change what you have been doing for probably most of your relationship and replace old actions with new actions.  It may feel strange at first and you may even feel like the steps do not make sense but, do not give up, if you do your part God will take care of the rest.  If you want someone else to change, majority of the time it is you who need to change and everything else will fall into place.

Step One: Take care of yourself

Wake up before everyone in your house.  So that you have time to pray even if it is 30 minutes earlier.  It makes such a difference when you can start your day praying and asking God to take control of your day. In addition, men are visualizers he married you because he was attracted to you… so let’s remind him of your beauty… even if you have gained a few baby pounds that is not what he sees. Especially if he is a good man, he sees the mother to his children or the love of his life.

If you are getting ready for work put on an outfit that you know he likes. if you are a house wife put on your best house clothes. Remind him of what he married oh yeah and do it with a smile.

My goal here is to set you apart from everyone he’s ever dated and most women out there.  If he is waking up after an argument and he is expecting tension don’t give him any!! Instead shower him with love and more love.

You started out with good morning, served him coffee, asked him about dinner all these things are melting away the anger and tension…
If you enjoyed what you read please share. If you have any comments please feel free to leave one and of course please come back tomorrow for step 2!

Magdalina Sylvain

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