Are You Nagging Your Husband Into The Arms of Another Step 2

Step two: Setting the Tone

When you wake up in the morning It is up to you to set the tone.  Women are the ones that can make the home feel heavy or light so, start off by setting the right tone and say Good morning. Even If you had an argument say “Good Morning.” This sounds so simple right, but so many couples wake up and do not even say good morning to their kids or their spouses especially after an argument. They assume it is a given and do not bother saying it anymore. Saying simple things like good morning, thank you and please reminds you and him that the level of respect is still there. Once you said good morning I will ask you to take it a step further and give him a cup of coffee. Actually, hand it to him with a smile even better an enticing smile and take pleasure in doing it. This is a subtle way of showing him that you enjoy taking care of them pleasing him.

If it is a morning after an argument this will shock him because most women and believe or not even some men usually have an attitude of “do it yourself” when they are upset with their spouse.  So be different stand out before all the other women by responding differently… You are responding with love and in peace and not retaliating with anger.  These actions are the beginning to creating the home that a man wants to run to after work.

Please feel free to comment, questions. Stay tuned to Step 3.

Magdalina Sylvain


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