For All My Single Ladies! How to Attract Your Spouse Step I

As I mentioned in my bio and also the book that I am currently writing, I lied my way to the altar and I am happily married.  This was not an easy task and today I will begin with the steps that I took in order to transform myself to attract Dudely to me.  As women, we are looking for someone to love us and adore us.  Someone that will hold on to us for dear life.  At least that is what I was looking for.  I was tired of someone gambling with my love.  I had an ex that mentioned during our break up, “Hopefully you will still be available when I am ready to get married”. I remember thinking “WHAT” how dare you even make such a statement.  The sad thing is that I lead him to make that statement.  He knew I was desiring a husband, he could smell the desire miles away, which is such a turn off for a man.  The smell of desperation is not attractive to a man.  In addition, the fear of being alone and not finding mister right was one of the reason I stayed with my ex so long.  It took a lot of courage to decide to walk away which I will go into as I reveal to you the steps that I took and why so that one day I would be standing in front of the Pastor saying “I Do’

Loving yourself is step number one.

First and foremost, how can you expect a man to love you when you do not love yourself. Do you truly love yourself or are you putting on a show for everyone else?  For me, I realized that I was extremely insecure and had a lot of negative thoughts about myself.  Even today, after overcoming all those insecurities, the enemy still somehow wiggles his way in to my mind and I must rebuke those very thoughts I fought so hard to overcome. I was hurt so much in the dating world I began to think I was not lovable.

What is love?

I am sorry to say this but you will not and do not know love until you know GOD.  He is the very essence of love… I was a Christian and I thought that I loved God.  I read my bible daily, I would attend church and I did my best not to sin. If I did sin I would quickly ask God to forgive me.  However, I was not loving God.  Those were just acts of love but not truly loving God with all my heart and soul as he commands.

“ Jesus replied, You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37)

I was more occupied with finding a husband and meeting the right guy which consumed my thoughts.  That was more important to me.  I also found myself upset if a holiday came around and I was single, I even got sad if I heard someone got engaged or was getting married rather than rejoicing.  My time spent with others were superficial.  I was with them physically but mentally my mind was meditating on the fact that I was alone, or finding my husband.  This was a problem I had to correct.  But, I did not know how.  I would cry myself to sleep asking God for my husband, I woke up thinking about my husband. While stating that I loved God and was seeking his kingdom.  Was I really?

What are you thinking about daily, consuming your mind with.  Are you constantly thinking about the desire of a husband and being alone? Be hones with yourself.   Tomorrow I will continue with my story on how I made myself attractive to my husband!

Magdalina Sylvain

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