Spice Up Your Relationship with The Hubby


How are you?

Hope all is well.  I wanted to inspire you to get that fire burning again in the bed room! But, you do not have to be in the bedroom to spice things up.

Men are visualizers and seeing is everything!  Remember that making sure you look presentable and sexy in the morning before he leaves for work is one way to make sure your husband comes running home and not to a bar or a friends house.

Today, if you do not do this already, I challenge you to do something different.  This may take some planing if you have kids if you do not this will be easy.

I like to surprise my husband with sexual favors out of the blue!  Thats what makes it exciting.  For example, I went to pick up Dudley one day and instead of driving straight home I drove to a hidden area and…. When your married you have to do this regularly. Change of the monotony of the bedroom is key in to keeping your husband interested. This will keep your husband engaged and eager to come home because he does not know when you will be surprising him!

So, I challenge you this week to surprise your husband with a special treat! Let me know how it works out and share some of the creative ideas you had. Maybe I can use them on my husband!

Have a great day!

Magdalina Sylvain

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