And The Winner Is!

Congratgulations Tiffany Williams!

Thank You so much for participating in the give away and  taking your time to do the homework!

We all need some R&R at times,  I am so happy my husband Dudley and I are able to bless you with this gift.

I hope you enjoy the $100 Gift certificate to your favorite spa with whom you choose to spend your day with.

Have a wonderful day!

Magdalina Sylvain



2 thoughts on “And The Winner Is!

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You have No Idea how this couldn’t have come at a better time.. Honestly, I tried it just to see if it was really true because I thought to myself nobody really wins these things anyway, but when I saw your email today, I was shocked : ) Yay! Ladies Nite it is! Thanks so much for putting yourself out there, I admire your honesty and insight and Im rooting for you.. I may not be actively participating but I do read and value your posts and I HAD to post for this one.. You have a fan for life.. Keep it up Magdalina!

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