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The first true quest in my life was to become someone’s wife. However, according to all the know it all’s that quest was impossible for me.  I was told that it was not in my cards and to just accept my lot in life! But for some reason I could not and would not accept those “words of wisdom”.  Rather than wallow in self-pity and give up, I fought with every bone in my body and with a passionate heart. I used some basic principles of thought along with applying some actions and the word of God, I can exclaim and shout to the world, I AM HAPPILY MARRIED WITH THE MOST AMAZING GOD FEARING HUSBAND DUDLEY AND HAVE TWO BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY GIRLS NAMED LAILA AND LIYA…


I met my husband as mentioned earlier by following some basic principles of changing my thought process and applying some actions. In doing so I was able to break the “what if” bottle of marriage and kids and attained what God said I could have. The road to finding the right husband was rocky but it was worth the wait! As you get to know me I will share the secrets God gave me so I could be a living testimony for you.


I have a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology that I earned in my earlier years.  I was able to accomplish a second what seemed to be an intangible quest of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing as well as pass the NCLEX exam and am currently licensed to practice.  However, those were my plans and not Gods plan for my life. Since I have given full authority of my life over to Yeshua/Christ knowing that his perfect will and purpose is being established in my life and with lots of prayer and natural fears that we all have, I decided to step out in faith and follow the plan God had predestined for me while I was in my mother’s womb. I walked away from my degrees and decided to break the second bottle of “What if” and unleash all those wonderful emotions that can only happen when your fulfilling your passion.  That bottle was sitting on my shelf for well over 20 years because I had allowed everyone else including society dictate what I should do with my life.  I was able to accomplish this breakthrough by using those same steps that I will share with you in blogs to come and applying some actions. With confidence, I can now say



I am a God-fearing woman. I thrive on being the virtuous woman from Proverbs 31 and declare that scripture over my life regularly. I love, love, love, love God. He is my first LOVE and nothing comes before him. I am lead by spirit and not by flesh. I am an inspirational leader and use the gifts that God has given me to inspire others in all areas of life.  However, I believe that your misery becomes your ministry so I am an expert when it comes to relationships and finding the right guy. As well as knowing how to keep your marriage above waters despite all the obstacles of life. In addition, we had to overcome some financial battles which broaden my knowledge on how to get out of debt and remain debt free, have a savings account, and build an estate for my children and my children’s children.  My husband Dudley became the expert and God has been using him to help families also become debt free and save money.

My inspiration comes from God and God alone.

My mission

Is to inspire anyone who desires change. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and go after that dream or the destiny you believe is yours please feel free to follow me, I will post blogs that I know will be a blessing for you.  If there is anything in particular you would like me to address you can leave a commit or privately email me so we can discuss the subject one on one.

I give all the glory to God and pray that all I write on this page makes a difference in your life and touch your heart. In Yeshua’s name I pray Amen!

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